When we arrived at the track, we met up with Olympic Silver Medalist Shauna Rohbock and Valerie Fleming. They went over a few things with us and then we proceeded to do our warm up and drills. Shauna was impressed by my A skips (see video below for what an A skips looks like) Then we did some other drills and the moved on to karaoke. Which I do Hurdles karaoke and the Shauna called me out of the group and said "What JennaBree, is that right? JennaBree is doing is more advanced and once you get the hang of it you can try it out" SWEET! Thank you track and field background! I guess it is also an advantage that Shauna and I were coached by the same Dorsal Flex Nazi at BYU.....hmm...  
Cheryl Tollestrup
7/14/2010 21:00:42

I thought Coach McCloud taught you A skips! You've been A skipping the last 10 years! Gosh! That's a long time!


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