Throughout the years I've come to find that my acne appears in warmer climates and during the summer...haha go figure that one. But seriously!

It seems like every morning I wake up, I have a new zit to greet me. And they aren't just the normal white heads that hide behind a nostril....this suckers are HUGE and uproot themselves right inbetween my eyes or on my cheek...ANYWHERE visible to someone five miles away. I have a problem scratching them too - which is why I now have lovely scars on my face... ugh.
Cheryl Tollestrup
05/30/2010 18:25

Well, you could always go see a dermatologist if it really bothers you!

angie Schweitzer
06/01/2010 10:37

Inner beauty is really tho MOST important tho in my opinion! btw u look ravishing darling anyway!!! :)


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