Positives. They are the opposite of negatives. We are given both. We also have choices. I dont know if choices are positive or negative, but the outcome of a choice may result in a positive or negative. We have agency.

I dont like to be toiled with. I dont like to be lied to. When someone tells me they are doing something, I expect it to be done. When someone apologizes, I expect all steps of the repentace process are completed (which the main one everyone forget is to NOT DO IT AGAIN). When someone promises something to me, I expect that promise will be kept. However, we are human. So am I. I mess up as well. A lot. I expect a lot. Its almost like I expect perfection and UNHUMAN results. I know deep down inside of me, that is not possible and who am I to expect so much from someone. So what....does this mean I should lower my standards to accomadate others? Not worry so much if someone stabs me in the back? Stop caring if someone continually hurts me. I cant. Therefore, I will continue to expect UNHUMAN results and as a resulte, continue to be disappointed. My choice. Thank you agency.
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/1/2010 21:24:12

This is how I see free agency and choices! There is ultimately only one definitive right answer and only one definitive wrong answer or choice. In between these two points are a million choices! Depending which end you are nearer will determine how your choice will affect you.

Now your disappointment and reaction to how you feel you have been wronged is very self centered. Not to say that is right or wrong but rather that this is what your reality is in the here and now. Your first question should be to ask yourself who owns the problem? If someone else is making wrong choices it is their problem. If you are making a choice to be angry because of your disappointment then that is your problem. Once you determine ownership then you can take control on what you are responsible for. For example and this is hypothetical if Scott lies to you and you are upset then his problem is lying and he must solve it himself. If your reaction is anger and disappointment that is your problem and you must find your solution. Who owns the problem? If you can define that...then you can take control of your life.♥


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