Summary? Camp was great and totally worth it. Throughout the week I've been struggling a little with making my start look smooth. You have to be in a complete squat position very low (hamstrings parallel) and literally drop in the 90 degree angle while leaving your arms extended. Below for your viewing pleasures I've included basically what I'm trying to explain. FOR THE RECORD: He is "cheating" as coach would say because he is bending at the waist.  Your back should be straight, chest and head up!

But Anywho - I've either dropped my head, didnt keep my back straight, knees when in, didnt fully extend my arms....there was always something! But today - I nailed my start. Everything fell into place and I even got my hands to transition which is the next big step outside of getting off the blocks and starting. That was my final push for this camp and it felt amazing!

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