Two weeks ago, Scottie and I set out on our second 18hr drive to Arizona. Scott's best friend Marc Foster was getting sealed in the Mesa Temple. Anywho - it was nice to get out and spend a four day weekend together but not so fun to drive all that way. We made that trip the beginning of January to get Bree and I was really hoping we would fly. But of course financially driving was the logical answer. 

Funny story: I peed six times in five hours. It was ridiculous but I couln't just stop drinking fluids. There was one of the stops I had to go sooooo bad. Scottie pulled over and I literally ran into the gas station. Turns out the manager was standing right in front of the restrooms and in his thick southern accent say, "I'm sorry ma'am, the power is out between here and 50 miles both ways. OF COURSE!!! just my luck. So we jumped back on the freeway and were driving down. I saw the sign for the next town was like 46 miles. I turned to Scott and said, "I can't wait that long my pee is coming!" He pulled off at the next exit and ran out and found a bush. At the time, since peeing was the only thing on my mind, I didn't realize what kind of a bush I was peeing by. I ended up with thorns in my foot (cause I was wearing flip flops) and scratches up my calves. Good Grief! I suppose this will be a story to tell our little one, how he/she made mommy have to pee so bad she squatted on a prickly bush. haha!

Anyways - some pics from the wedding ;) Enjoy!
ABOVE: Marc and Kelle had a photobooth at their reception
BELOW: After the reception we went to Dennys
My clever mother sent me a package to help my widening body adjust to this human growing inside of me. So stoked. She found a maternity dress and made me belly bands! I do prenatal yoga every morning after I drop Scott and Bree off at work so I apologize in advance that I'm modeling in my athletic clothes as opposed to everyday clothes. I'll take some pics later of the belly bands on everyday clothes. 
Super comfy tshirt maternity dress...simple, easy and out the door! LOVE!
SIDE NOTE: my belly bump isn't actually THAT big yet - I was pushing my belly out just to show that there is room in the dress to grow. The photos of me in the belly bands better depict the current size of my belly bump.
The belly bands fit perfectly. They are snug yet roomy. They slide on very easy and stay on without any effort. 
Below: I was experimenting whether I liked the seam in the back or on the side. This is a pic of it down my butt.
In addition to the colors (black and white go with EVERYTHING and Green...well as you can see I wear a lot of bright colors as is so it fits right into my wardrobe) I really like the length! It's 4-5 fingers well over my belly button and I can cover my butt so all my problem areas can hide ;)
BELOW: As I realized this is probably the most unflattering picture of my rear end, I also realized that I like the seam on the side. It allows both the front and the back to have smooth surfaces. The End!
I feel like throwing a party! 
For the last couple weeks Bree and I have worked towards getting her a job. We would go out to every store and restaurant we could think of and grab an application. Finally Jack in the Box showed huge interest and told her to come back the following Monday. We did and she got the job!!! She started training on Tuesday and yesterday was her first day at work. She is actually currently working (Day 2) as I am typing! It's so nice. I told her how much I enjoy our time apart hehehe. Seriously though, I do. Obviously on the upside of things we are all very proud of her. And she is very excited herself. A little nervous as I drove her to her first day. I just told her that everyone has had a first day before as well and they won't just leave her to figure it out, they'll train and help you. She seemed comforted by that. here is the silly part. We (Scott and I) went a little early to pick her up just to spy and see if we could see her. We pulled up to the Jack in the Box and saw her ALREADY working the register and taking people's orders! I was so shocked I busted out my camera and decided to pretend I was a private detective or something of that nature. So below you can see Bree (Green shirt behind the desk) taking the order of this guy in the black coat! WOW and no supervisor or anything over her shoulder - I was impressed. I have a couple more pics I snapped from my car below.
Below: The dude in the black coat must have seen my flash go off when I took the picture and this one he turned around...yikes...BUSTED! Not as sneaky as I thought.
Below: Bree filling his order while more customers line up ;) 
Busy busy busy! That huge "NOW HIRING" sign was so comforting to see when we spent our days driving around looking for a job for her. those signs became our best friends. 
Below: Scottie and I waiting proudly in the car for Bree to get off work
Below: BREE IS OFF WORK!!! Coming out of Jack in the Box and looking pretty drained. She get's discounts on food and free unlimited drinks.
Below: Work Day 1 = SUCCESS!!! She is officially employed!
Below: And lastly, I wanted to take a better picture of her uniform so here is a pic I took once we got home of the newest Jack in the Box employee! 
This past Saturday we decided to head downtown to check out this Market place along with jump on any other band wagon of whatever else might be happening downtown. We thought it would be fun if we took the train down which is overall cheaper and it takes us exactly where we wanted to go so why not!? It was BreeAnna's first train ride and she told me that she wasn't so nervous about riding the train, it was more the fear of being shot at the train station. I attribute that to her watching too many scary movies. However, last month a kid was killed at the train station and not only was it all over the news, but there is also a memorial at that train stop. 
I believe it's safe to say overall we had a great time. We got a lot of exercise in and by the time we got back up to Plano, we were so exhausted. Another day another day. 
Scott's Birthday dinner...
We went to a place called "Main Event" and played pool, laser tag and bowled. Then we finished off the night at Chilies for dinner. We told our waitress that it's his birthday and he got free dessert which he was kind enough to share. Happy 31st my love!