Had our OB apt today to determine the gender of our little baby. Scottie bet me $20 that it was a boy and I took that bet because I was 98% sure it was a girl...and I won! We are having a little girl!!!

The ONLY profile pic she'll give us

17 weeks and my appetite has sped up! I am constantly feeling like my stomach is empty. This week the picky thing that hasn't gone down so well is cheese. During my pregnancy thus far it's been eggs but now cheese!??!?!? I LOVE cheese so that kind of makes me sad but what can you do ;)

We have our appointment this week where we find out the sex of our little bugger. I'm nervous and trying not to think about it. This past weekend while browsing the thrift shops...Scottie filled our cart with baby clothes. He then said that he wants his little girl to wear pink and his little boy to wear blue. So I've fought off those colors this far and am no willing to compromise as long as its not OVERWHELMINGLY pink or blue. It just melts my heart to see him so excited to pick out baby stuff.
Last week we successfully experience our first close encounter with a tornado. It was a E3 which is a decent size...from what I hear. It was pretty scary and reminded me of typhoon season back in the islands. The Thunder shook the house, lightning light up the room, rain, golf ball sized hail and super strong winds. Luckily for us, no damage or injuries occurred. Scott and his employees had to hide out in a stairwell for a little over an hour and I camped out in our master bath for about 2 hours - stuffed myself with pillows and blankets. 

Three weeks ago I began a tomato plant that Jan helped us start one night for FHE. Every plant I have ever owned is no longer with us. So I decided I was going to dedicate myself to ensuring the safety of this tomato plant. I name him Elmer. Mid-tornado I realized I had left Elmer out in the storm all alone. I quickly left my tub and ran to the balcony. Just as I was about to open the door, BOOM! Thunder. I thought to myself..."Is Elmer really worth it". And then without hesitation opened that door, ran out, grabbed Elmer and ran back in. Untouched. Elmer was safe. I went back to the tub to hide and listened to the radio for when I could come out. I later told Scott that I saved Elmer from the storm and he quickly scolded me to NEVER go outside in a tornado to save a stupid plant. 
Officially we have moved yet again into another apartment. We used to live 10 mins away from Scott's work when we first moved here. It was a basic 1bed/1bath about 700sqft for $800/month. Last spring we moved across town (20 mins from Scott's work) into a 2bed/2bath about 1100sqft for $770/month. Now we live 5 mins away from his work in a 2bed/2bath about 1200sqft and love it. It's open, bright and doesn't have carpet throughout which is one of the selling points for me. The first complex had a laundry facility on site and the second had a washer and dryer included but this complex has neither. Downfall? Of course but Scott was able to score cheap washer and dryers off craigslist and I've already done two loads. I would say the house is about 70% unpacked - just have some things going in our storage closet on our balcony and then just the small things such as decorating, placing our pets (frog and beta), etc. Anywho - our floor plan is below! The only carpet is in the bedrooms.