Growing up - 7 out of the 10 people were guys in our home. Located in the bathroom is a toilet. A toilet has a huge opening where urine and feces are pushed out from the human body. The opening isnt a small one and frankly i've mastered the art of squatting while peeing. So I know literally that opening is big enough and if I as a FEMALE can aim inside the toilet while not even touching the toilet seat and facing away from the toilet (my back is obviously turned) - so can a guy. Or so I thought.
pic from
It's really not rocket science. As a man, you are facing the toilet. The opening is bigger than the head on your shoulders...there really is NO excuse for peeing on the toilet. I just dont get it. And on top of that - I know for a fact all the guys I grew up with KNOW that you lift the seat when peeing. Why are we still having problems?

My dear Blog Family....this here is why I have mastered the art of Pee Squats. I should get a certificate!

Yesterday morning I received an email from the Head Coach of the US Women's Bobsled Team. He invited me to a Rookie Camp which takes place the last week in August. He didn't have my phone number so he asked me to email it to him; he called me shortly thereafter. He ran down the details as to what exactly would be going on. This is an invite only camp which is kinda cool and apparently if you dont score well the first day - they will send you home - unlike the camp i attended up in Park City.

So basically I'm trying to figure out a way to make this all work. Financially its really hard because Scott and I are living separately and I think more than anything - the biggest expense is my flights. They will pay room and board pending on how well I do. I just wasnt planning on going to NY until September for the National Push Championships which is like a PUSH TO THE DEATH! haha. pretty much the week that will make or break you. Am I nervous...No. It was nice cause when coach called me, he mentioned that all my power events were good such as my shot toss, long jump, weights, and most my sprints. But he specifically mentioned that he wanted my 30m to be even faster. SYou aren't invited to this camp unless you score a minimum of 600 points or more - which I did at the Park City camp....but below I've included what current girls have done.

Women’s Bobsled
*2010 Olympian
Elana Meyers*     Push Athlete   784
Mickie Rzepka*  Push Athlete   783
Valerie Fleming   Push Athlete  765
Jamie Greubel     Push Athlete   763
Emily Azevedo*  Push Athlete   755
Ingrid Marcum    Push Athlete   753
Jamia Jackson     Pilot               742
Jazmine Fenlator Push Athlete   736
I look like I'm on crack!
My mom decided that its time we do something together as a family because once Bree gets home - she'll be on house arrest and we wont be able to really go anywhere to have family fun time. So we went bowling and it was a lot of fun
Me n Mosie
Mosie won every game except the last one - so pretty much he kicked our trash. We don't last very long cause we get tired.....perhaps if we were professional bowlers....
Last Friday Moroni was kind enough to add me onto his gym membership so I could pump some iron while down here. Thanks Moroni! We also stayed and worked out as I believe I mentioned in a previous post. He was so tired after BUT he committed and said that he needs to go and set goals for himself. So 8am every morning! I said - GREAT! I like having a workout buddy! Mosiah came home and he sounded like he might want to join but neither of them are morning people so I didnt count on him really getting up to come with us. But Moroni - he said he would

Today is Monday. I get up at 7 and send them both a text at 7:30 saying "wakie wakie GYM TIME!" Moroni does wake up and goes pee....Mosie just made some tired sound and rolled over. Moroni did text me back "Gay" and went back to sleep. Mosie never got up. So I finished getting dressed and by 7:45 I went to the kitchen to eat my yogurt and give them a couple more minutes before I was leavin. They never did wake up - so of course I'm blogging about it and here are the pics I took before I left for the gym buddy-less ;(
My Commited Workout Buddy
well....he never committed
Below are three pics. The first is of me doing a "hit" which is where you drop into the first position before exploding off the blocks at the start. The next two pics are of what a bobsled shoe looks like.
coach holding the sled - giving me some resistance
Moroni has several health issues! Today I got to patch up his cracked feet. He skin is literally splitting on the side of his foot. I didnt check the other side, but the pic above is a side view of his foot and notice the bigger hole is on the top which was like ridiculously split. Below is a pic Moroni took of me using butterfly bandages to try and close the wounds. 
Mosiah got back from Scout Camp like 8 or 9pm. We agreed to sing the next morning in sacrament but have not been able to practice since he was gone all week. Regardless - I banked on him coming back in time and we could practice Saturday night and then sleep, PRAY and we would be ok.

We rehearsed a little this morning as well right before getting ready for church. As we got to church - we were still unsure of our ending because we've had to change a couple things to make it "church" appropriate. No sliding, No R&B fillers, etc. So during the first speaker we ran into the young women's room and sang mainly the ending thru a couple times - we felt good about it.

Outcome: turned out great. I felt the spirit so strong and its like once we got up there - I had no doubt that the song wouldnt come out. One of my favorite feelings in the world not to mention - this is Mosie's first time singing in a non-choral setting and he was super nervous. But I never noticed and his voice was so clear! ugh it was awesome.

Below I've included the actual version of the song - it's done by Adeaze, we sang it acapella
Not Pictured: Erin and JennaBree
I had such a blast with a few of my high school buddies as we adventured over to San Diego this yesterday. We went to Mission Bay which is right next to Sea World. We were able to walk around some of the shops they have there and ride supposedly the oldest wood roller coaster ....which we screamed and left our arms up THE ENTIRE time even tho there were signs saying to keep our body parts inside.

Then we all swam, Boogie boarded, body surfed - ugh it was SOOO nice to be on the beach. I absolutely love the ocean and missed it dearly. Then it was finally time to eat and we split up - Cale and Sarah wanted Mexican - Me, Larry, Erin and Ally wanted oriental and Matt wanted PIZZA! Now...this Pizza is huge!!! I not only included a pic of it below - but also stole a pic from my friend Victor's facebook profile to show a full pizza!
Fake pizza in display case - BUT ACTUAL SIZE and its like $2.50 for a slice
My old track-mate Victor. This is an actual pizza.
After eating we were debating swimming...but figured we didnt want to vomit all over the place so we'd play volleyball. As Larry, Sarah and Erin took a nap - Matt, Cale, Ally and I went to play boys vs girls. We played best out of three rally style and we lost. We won the second game but they killed us in the third.
Larry, Ally and Erin
Overall it was super fun and I'm really glad we went. We did head back kinda early cause I had a funeral I wanted to attend and it was Cale's mom's birthday so they needed to get back for that.
This morning I woke up and took a huge dump. Usually after I take a dump I feel lighter....I dont know about you, but thats how my body work. But weird thing - i feel heavier and look pudgie! For whatever reason my flab is like double today and is overlapping. I can literally grab my mid section while standing and pull it away from my body. hmm....I'm going to attribute this lovely morning friend to not working out yesterday.

You know, its so hard staying in shape. I think looking at me - I dont look athletic. Its a daily constant battle with myself.
Who is winning?
Oh Scottie, bless his heart!

We have been apart for quite some time with my camp and now I'm down visiting my family in AZ. So....we communicate obviously via phone and internet. Last night I watched, for the first time in a LONG time So You Think You Can Dance and enjoyed it. My favorites are Robert and Kent - Lauren is a close third. Anywho - while I was watching, me and Scott were texting and he sent me the sweetest txt!!!

"I love looking at u no matter how u look because I am so in lub with u. U could have no left arm and have a big mole on your nose and it wouldn't matter. I lub you times infinity"

AWWW!!!!! and he also sent me a video which i posted on my "HOME VIDEOS" page!