I am having serious sleep issues. I sleep for about 3 hours at a time and then wake up. So between the hours of 9pm - 10am I am sleeping and waking up. I have not had a solid good night's rest in days!!! I'm surprised I ha


She managed to get her foot in the pic (one foot and one arm)

Just peacefully sleeping in on a Saturday morning - not a care in the world

She apparently likes to sleep with a hand tucked on her face

Looks like her hand is now forming the letter 'C'

Fijian nose?

Scottie's chin?

Covering her face with one foot and one hand lol. We think this is one of the best pics of her lips. 

She is sooooo adorable and pretty!!!

A little bit of a smirk...

and... back to sleep


Well... after many months of procrastinating I decided to take a quick pic of my belly. Here it is!


Last day Nephi was in town. After church we picked up Bree and  we all just chilled out at our place. 


We (Scott, Nephi and myself) headed down to Six Flags! We arrived about 11:30 am and got back 8:30 pm...so kind of a long day. Anywho - here are some pics of our day! 

Below: Scott and Nephi got stuck on Batman...they had to just literally hang out for about 20 minutes. 

Nephi is here in Texas! He thought it would be funny to surprise BreeAnna at work. The Plan of Attack was to go through drive  and disguise his voice and possibly his appearance and see if she recognizes him. She has no idea Nephi is visiting this week so check out this video.
Had an interesting dream last night. I was a spanish teacher at a high school and my students kept disappearing. Also my entire dream was in spanish and I understood every aspect of it. lol. Weird.
How it works....
We also did the glucose test (drank that drink below an hour before they did a blood test) at Tuesday's appointment. They said no news is good news... and I haven't heard from them and today is Friday. So, I think I'm safe to assume my results came back fine and I don't have gestational diabetes. 
Last day of week 28! Wow... already in the third trimester. Had a check up on Tuesday and all is well. They measure my uterus each appointment to make sure baby is growing. She's been measuring 3 weeks larger for the past two months. This week our midwife asked if we were sure on our dates. I said yes and that the docs and ultrasounds all confirm it. She then told me it could be how I carry since I also have a short torso. 
My mom made little Sloan this beautiful baby blanket! All my favorite colors - so perfect!