This beautiful baby girl growing ever so fast inside my still inside my belly. What is this girl's game plan??? I feel fine, no pain, cramps, contractions - nothing. Just getting more and more anxious not knowing when she plans on arriving. Every morning I wake up hoping I'll get to hold her in my arms. Scott has completed yet again another unexpected week of work. All his employees/boss have asked him "what are you still doing here?" so he simply replies "working". They usually laugh and he just explains that she hasn't arrived yet. She is definitely getting bigger. I feel the weight every time I try to switch sides when laying down or get out of the car. Today Scott grabbed 10lbs of rice and told me to hold it. Then he said that's how heavy Sloan is going to feel. I looked at him and said.... uh, I know - I've been carr


Well we are finally in our 9th month... in about 2 days I'll be 39 weeks! My mommy comes back to Texas this Sunday and will stay till the middle of October. 

Sloan is living life happily in the womb. She sleeps from about 7am till 5pm which translates to her being up all night. The past week and a half I've been waking up every two hours to either pee or eat/drink something. It's seriously like clockwork. I wake up at 1am, 3am, 5am and then 7am. At 7am I usually talk to Scott while he gets ready for work and then after he leaves around 8am I go back to sleep till about noon. Sadly that is the best sleep I get. I think this little bugger is training me since I'll have to be up every two hours anyways to feed and change her. 

We are sooooo anxious to have her get here! She is loved more than possible by both sides of the family and she's not even born yet! I was told this week at my appointment that she's going to be an 8lb baby which means Scott's dream was right. Hurry Sloan get here so we can all play with you!!!