The current of the Jordanelle stream was so strong that my poor flip flops broke. That night I wanted to get a little Thank You gift for the Simmons because they allowed me to stay at their place while they were in Florida AND drive their car. They are the cutest couple anyone has ever seen and just genuinely nice people.

So.....I went to Walmart to get a few things I notice they could use/possibly want that they didnt have at their house. So OF COURSE I broke my flip flops earlier so I didnt have any shoes on me....then I saw my duffle bag in the back seat. I was like "YES!" hoping I had my tennis shoes in there. NOPE! But I did have my sprint spikes and thick mid-calf socks. So I put my spike shoes on and since they still had my spikes in them, I proceeded to grab the socks and just place them on the end of my shoes where the spikes were. Then I walked into Walmart.

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