Well I can officially say that I have a baby bump. Before it was pudgy like and not exactly pregnant looking...more like I just was fat and had a pouch. But now - without a doubt I look pregnant. 

I had an appointment on Monday with our midwifes. My blood pressure was a little higher than the like 139/95 so that brought up some discussion. As far as our little bugger - she as always had a nice strong heartbeat of 142bpm. And since our little girl likes to sprawl out instead of curl up in the fetal position, she was measuring 27 weeks - about 5 weeks larger than I am. Silly girl. They also said babies measure larger when they are breach which is what she is right now. Meaning her feet are down on my bladder and her head up by my ribs. I've definitely been feeling her more active usually in the afternoon/evening. 

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