Today was the first day of many where I slid down the icy slopes in a bobsled. What a rush!!! Coach filmed our start and one of my teammates took a few pictures...however I haven't got them yet so I have nothing but words to share tonight. I did take a few pics just around the areas because right after our first run, it started snowing. (will add later)

Pre-sliding: I was pretty calm. I've always been that keep to myself, silent competitor which came into play because I've never done this before so I had no idea what to expect.

Sliding: We get up to the line and once I see Bree is ready, I'm supposed to say "Back Set" then she says "Front Set" and we're off! BUT, not only did I have a mouth guard in but also ALL the nerves that were hiding for weeks came to the surface and so instead of a firm "Back Set" ....I mumbled quietly "back....ssss......" and started pushing. Bree noticed the sled moving and figured we were going. We didnt run too far or too fast the first run. I made it in the sled, no fault. We get going and it's so smooth. Bree is one of the best technical drivers PLUS she's was a skeleton athlete prior to bobsled so she's literally seen the course up close and personal. As I'm sitting there all the sudden I feel something hit my head so I look up - its Bree letting me know its over and to get out and push the sled. So I hop out the back and Bree gets out the side as we push the sled to the exit (felt like 50 meters, but that could of been cause I was shaken up a bit).

Post-Sliding: I wasnt dizzy and didnt feel sick. I really liked it and yeah there are transitions that are rough but oh well - its part of the sport.

I'm really lucky to have my first bobsledding experience be with an Olympic driver because it felt great. We did go again and that time Bree said we're going to turn up the energy! So I felt more of that one and there was a point where my but lifted off my seat - we obviously were going faster.

Anywho - tomorrow I slide with Erin and she said she wants to do two runs as well so stay tuned!

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