I am not picky when it comes to doing my laundry. I do separate my undies from my clothes...but thats about it. I wash my bras, jeans, blouses....all of it together - regardless of the color. Is that because I'm lazy, NO....I just dont find it beneficial to me to separate whites, light colors, jeans, towels.....etc.

HOWEVER....Scott does. He has more groups for his laundry that to me its a waste of detergent because his batches are smaller. He also changes the temperature....the fabric option and whatever other options there are (clearly I have no clue) 

I done his laundry and tried to separate everything ....cause i have a good heart (haha)...and it was not successful. When he takes off his shirts, he doesnt pull apart his G's so when I'm just throwing clothes into the washer. After all is said in done, his G top has turned blue. Another situation - he stuffs his pockets so he looks like an umpa-lumba off of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! So he tends to leave coins and pens in his pockets. I dont, so I didnt bother checking and low and behold - his pen exploded staining his pants and coins were left in the washer. Lucky day for me....I went to the dollar store with those coins and bought myself a treat!
Cheryl Tollestrup
05/25/2010 21:22

You wash clothes just like your mother! When you have a house full of kids then it becomes easier to separate by colors and still have a full batch! We go through a lot of towels so towels are easy to separate and have a full load! If you mix towels and anything else you get lint everywhere! Its good to keep towels separate! Yes I don't always search pockets and have stained clothes with crayons, lipstick, pens, and gum! Grandma Holly would scold me when your father's white shirts were dingy looking! Haha! Yep, that's my girl!


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