My clever mother sent me a package to help my widening body adjust to this human growing inside of me. So stoked. She found a maternity dress and made me belly bands! I do prenatal yoga every morning after I drop Scott and Bree off at work so I apologize in advance that I'm modeling in my athletic clothes as opposed to everyday clothes. I'll take some pics later of the belly bands on everyday clothes. 
Super comfy tshirt maternity dress...simple, easy and out the door! LOVE!
SIDE NOTE: my belly bump isn't actually THAT big yet - I was pushing my belly out just to show that there is room in the dress to grow. The photos of me in the belly bands better depict the current size of my belly bump.
The belly bands fit perfectly. They are snug yet roomy. They slide on very easy and stay on without any effort. 
Below: I was experimenting whether I liked the seam in the back or on the side. This is a pic of it down my butt.
In addition to the colors (black and white go with EVERYTHING and Green...well as you can see I wear a lot of bright colors as is so it fits right into my wardrobe) I really like the length! It's 4-5 fingers well over my belly button and I can cover my butt so all my problem areas can hide ;)
BELOW: As I realized this is probably the most unflattering picture of my rear end, I also realized that I like the seam on the side. It allows both the front and the back to have smooth surfaces. The End!

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