I love our morning routine. Scott and I wake up (step 1) and as he irons his clothes and jumps in the shower, I "prepare breakfast. This morning he got Scrambled eggs with cheese and orange juice. I had 2 slices of toast and liverwurst. I have anemia issues and liverwursts are the best source of iron other than those yucky supplements they had me taking at the Y.

Then as he puts on his dress pants and collar shirt, I slide into my tank top and shorts. Make sure Princess is feed and such. We eat and then out the door. I drop him off at work and the head straight to the gym.
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/28/2010 19:20:20

You eat Liverwurst? A product made from liver? Does it taste good like spam or bologna? Can't say I have ever eaten it in my whole entire earthly life!


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