This nice fella was discovered yesterday on Scott's left butt cheek. We are not sure what it is, but will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. Stay Tuned!!!
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/14/2010 12:12:39

Not a pretty sight! The mole doesn't look too good either! Sorry Scott! Just some light humor to ease the tension! Haha!

Maggie Tollestrup
5/15/2010 17:27:02

It could possibly be a tick. I had one once and that's what it looks like! Hope it's not, but you should probably get it checked!

Rebecca Mitchell
5/22/2010 12:49:22

If it is a tick you can get tick fever and it can be fatal! You could try puttin rubbing alcohol on the tick if it is a tick! If it is alive it should pull its head out to breathe. Go to the doctor!


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