My first client yesterday was an elderly man with severe back issues. He wanted deeper work, which is my specialty! As I began working on him he PASSED OUT! He was snooring SOOOO loud! I usually dont like when people fall asleep because I cant accurately read them....obviously. But this guy was NOT waking up. So I just lightened my pressure as a precaution. As I finished the upper body and moved to the legs he was still SNOOZING. I began on his right leg and next thing I know he leaps up and gets into a crouching tiger pose on my table still under the sheet. I stepped back and asked, "is everything ok?"  He said yes as he stayed there.....frozen. I said, "just waking up?" and he said , "No, I wasnt sleeping". ......I was puzzeled and didnt know what to say next,. After like 2 minutes of silence, I asked him to lay back down. He did and we continued as if nothing had happened;
Cheryl Tollestrup

How old is your elderly? Did he lose some marbles? Haha!


I worked on a guy, deep tissue, that snored through the whole session. I kept rocking and shaking his limbs. I had to eventually knuckle his sternum. He just looked at me like I was the rudest person in the world, you know, that look, the baby who was just rousted from their nap look? Haha, I can just imagine the funky crouching tiger, all is well awkwardness of this situation. Love it.


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