I'm super picky when it comes to a compliment. I know that when someone says something nice - you should thank them. Which I do. But when someone is trying to compliment YOU specifically - then say something about that person.

For example: "I love your red shirt:!"
           This is not a compliment towards me, rather my shirt. If someone was trying to say something nice to ME, this is unacceptable.

Instead: "Your red shirt brings out that gold in your skin, I love it!)
            That is acceptable.

Dont compliment the items they are wearing, the makeup they put on or the car they drive - my advice is if you want to compliment someONE (a person, not an item) I suggest you actually compliment THEM.
05/17/2010 09:29

hear hear!! :)

Cheryl Tollestrup
05/18/2010 08:06

Sometimes its not all about you and what you want to hear! If the red shirt is beautiful but you look or act crappy then I'm just going to comment on the shirt! Why should the shirt have to suffer because of its owner? Haha!

Rebecca Mitchell
05/22/2010 12:42

Do you have a lot of time on your hands!
I think I will keep my compliments to myself! Haha!


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