As I sat on the thrown handling my business....I spotted a spider. This spider was black and quite large. If you know me....rule #1 is I HATE SPIDERS. I cannot stand the site of one BIG OR SMALL and I will run to the OTHER side of the house if one is spotted. But today, I could NOT run.

I was cornered. This spider stood between me and the bathroom door and there was no way out....unless I wanted jump out the window fall down our 3-story apartment building. The only items I could grab were a Downy Wrinkle Release spray, perfume or RAID for Bees and Wasps. I went with the RAID and sprayed that sucker then grabbed Scott's Hair Gel bottle and SQUASH SQUASH SQUASH!!! Success was mine! I killed a spider today.
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/27/2010 22:07:23

Brave woman! What creature will meet its untimely death next? I dare them to show their face at your house!

6/1/2010 10:40:40

My favoite is Axe body spray for men. It's the only thing that kills bugs and spiders the fastest. Ether and his interest to watch them suffer as they die discovered that. :)


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