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I have bad shins and knees. They have been really hurting to the point where icing and ibuprofen don't help. We have decided we need to postpone our dancing until after my tryouts.

Its just a ton of stress on my legs with dancing on hardwood in heels on top of doing my workouts. I didnt think it would bother me this much and have been in denial....but the fact is, it definately is not helping. Its sad, but a smart move.
Cheryl Tollestrup
5/29/2010 21:21:16

Did you mean sore shins instead of chin?
Does this bring back memories of all your painful injuries when you did track and field in high school and college? You know its not going to get any better! Your body will continually breakdown from all the stress of your training! I think the true athlete learns how to deal with their pain through sheer determination! Good luck my friend!


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