This is a random gatherings of our Christmas of 2011. We were very fortunate to have a great Christmas and I can truly vouch for how blessed our family is. 
Snuggies for both Scott and I from his brother Mike. They are actually quite cozy and convenient. We leave them on our sofa for some serious TV/movie watching
Also, Mike gave Scottie a "Shake" apparently you can get toned or something just by shaking this....hmm... gotta love "AS SEEN ON TV" 
Bowling has become Scottie's newest recreational sport of 2011. These are shoe covers so in between his bowls he can slip these on and not damage his shoes.  
Our master bath has been sooooo crazy with all my hair, nail, skin...stuff so I was super stoked when I found out he bought me some organizers for Christmas. Yeah! 
one year Scott individually wrapped two pairs of socks for me for Christmas. I decided this year (3 years later) that I would return the lovely favor with 12 individually wrapped 6 pairs! hehehe
I have circulation problems among other things and my arms straight up fall asleep during the night. So this pillow has been great and it literally puts my neck in a position to assist my body to have a better night's rest.
And lastly one of our many self-portrait Christmas photos!

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