Not sure if Deletion is a word. However, its so interesting to me that some of my so-called friends arent really my friends after all. I was notified that rumors have been floating around and the sources shocked me. I've heard several about me divorced and thats why I moved to Texas, I'm on an Olympic Softball team and my favorite - I'm back in Utah to follow my Professional Bowling career. Wow people, wow!

So to clear the record for those of you who do read my blogs and are actually my friends since you are up to date on my life.....
- Scott and I are the happiest we have ever been - still married
- I not only hate Softball but also suck at it! Not on a Softball team
-As much as I would like to be a professional bowler, on a good day I bowl a 80. You don't want me on your team.

What does Deletion have to do with rumors? If you are going to talk smack about me I will delete you out of my life. I wont tolerate fake people pretending to be my friend yet know nothing about me. If you truley care about someone, you know whats going on in their life and there isnt a need for rumors. So you and your rumors can shove it! DELETE!

Cheryl Tollestrup
7/12/2010 16:27:37

People offend other people every day. I wouldn't hastily call them false friends maybe gossipy misinformed friends! Also someone may have taken a light joke out of context. Misinformation is an odd thing. Sometimes it makes us cry and other times it makes us laugh!


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