Welp - I head out this Friday July 9th. I'm super sonically excited (yes sonically is from the Dictionary of JennaBree). I am over my nerves and doubts and all that stuff....because there really isnt anything else I can do now.

My only concern is my heart. I have high blood pressure and whats strange is since I've been working out its been worse. Another thing is my heart rate. I am usually supposed to stay around 130-140 when working out but lately its been more like 170. Not sure what that means - I'll have to look that up. But it cant be healthy. Especially today it hit 180 and so I slowed down and used lighter weights in the weight room. It took awhile to slow down which kinda scared me since I can usually slow my heart down just by running slower or taking a quick 30 sec break or something. But I had to straight up stop.

My fear is because there are two huge issues that keep someone from riding a roller coaster - pregnant and heart conditions. The same goes for a bobsled. I'm not pregnant but I do have some issues. And they seem to be getting worse with age. But I figure - just like they say - what doesnt kill ya, makes you stronger. Fair enough!
Cheryl Tollestrup

I can tell you two reasons why your blood pressure and heart rate may be high. Stress and lack of sleep! No simple solution but keep working on it!


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