Last Friday Moroni was kind enough to add me onto his gym membership so I could pump some iron while down here. Thanks Moroni! We also stayed and worked out as I believe I mentioned in a previous post. He was so tired after BUT he committed and said that he needs to go and set goals for himself. So 8am every morning! I said - GREAT! I like having a workout buddy! Mosiah came home and he sounded like he might want to join but neither of them are morning people so I didnt count on him really getting up to come with us. But Moroni - he said he would

Today is Monday. I get up at 7 and send them both a text at 7:30 saying "wakie wakie GYM TIME!" Moroni does wake up and goes pee....Mosie just made some tired sound and rolled over. Moroni did text me back "Gay" and went back to sleep. Mosie never got up. So I finished getting dressed and by 7:45 I went to the kitchen to eat my yogurt and give them a couple more minutes before I was leavin. They never did wake up - so of course I'm blogging about it and here are the pics I took before I left for the gym buddy-less ;(
My Commited Workout Buddy
well....he never committed

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