On our key chain, there is that remote to our car. One button locks, one button unlocks, the other pops the trunk and the fourth is the panic button which set off the alarm. I had some errands to run today and was walking out of the store. Some white van was parked on the other side of my car and some dude was unloading stuff out of his trunk. I was searching for my key (I have big purses and you could fit an entire planet and all it's contents in my purses so finding my car keys is always a challenge). Next thing I know, my alarm goes off. As I glance up and jog to my car - that dude is looking at me. I jump in the car and start it since that's the only way it can turn off and then hop back out. I wanted to see if this dude like dropped something on my car, or scratched it...or something!!! Turns out, while grabbing random things and pushing them aside in my purse while trying to find my keys, I pushed the panic button.

This happened just a few minutes ago - I was at Walmart and loading the groceries into the car. I accidently pushed the panic button again - OF COUSE EVERYONE IN THE PARKING LOT LOOKS AT THE DORK THAT SET OFF THEIR OWN ALARM...I just ignored them because today, it was nothing new. I got in my car, turned it on and drove home.

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