This past Saturday we decided to head downtown to check out this Market place along with jump on any other band wagon of whatever else might be happening downtown. We thought it would be fun if we took the train down which is overall cheaper and it takes us exactly where we wanted to go so why not!? It was BreeAnna's first train ride and she told me that she wasn't so nervous about riding the train, it was more the fear of being shot at the train station. I attribute that to her watching too many scary movies. However, last month a kid was killed at the train station and not only was it all over the news, but there is also a memorial at that train stop. 
I believe it's safe to say overall we had a great time. We got a lot of exercise in and by the time we got back up to Plano, we were so exhausted. Another day another day. 
Cheryl Tollestrup

Are you guys the only people on the train? Are you cold? How long was your train ride? Or did you spend most of your day at the market? Maybe Bree was confusing trains with underground subways in New York! I would be scared of the subway stations too! Lol!


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