I have a serious problem with eating in the bathroom. And it's not just public bathrooms...but even the cleanest bathroom in the world. I don't care if you repeatedly bleached everything I WILL NOT EAT IN THE BATHROOM.

I find it romantic when watching a movie and they show a love scene of a couple taking a bubble bath while the man spoon feed his woman - thats ok. BUT If Scott and I were to take a bubble bath and he tried to spoon feed me I would vomit all over the place!!! It would no longer be a bubble bath, more like a "whatever USED to be in JennaBree's stomach" bath.

Eww Eww Eww! I cant even drink a glass of water. I can drink from the sink....or from the shower...but not actually BRING a glass of water FROM the kitched. Eww. There is just something about a time and place for everything....and where food exits my body - among other things like bacteria.....I would like to keep the "where food enters my body" items separate.
Cheryl Tollestrup

Along the line of you feeling repulsed by the thought of eating or drinking in the bathroom, I once heard the argument about whether or not it was disrespectful to read your scriptures while sitting on the toilet! First you must address the reason you are repulsed. So you find the bathroom pouring with bacteria. Maybe in a sanitized and spotless bathroom you would be more willing to snack on something. If you were locked in your bathroom and starving you would have no second thoughts to eat anything to stay alive. The same with reading your scriptures in the "reading room"...does God really care where you read them as long as you read them? Food for thought!

Rebecca Mitchell

I don't read the scriptures in the bathroom, I don't eat in the bathroom, I don't even want my husband in the bathroom!


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