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Have you ever laughed so hard you tinkled a little in your pants? I have. I love when I laugh that hard. But have you ever farted so strong that you pooped your pants? I now have.

This is gross to say, but I have had really bad diarrah that past 2 days and it's been uncontrollable beyond belief. I thought it would just be a fart and next thing I know...... luckliy I was at home. Oh my gosh! - so now everytime I feel like I'm gunna fart, sneexe, cough...ANYTHING - I'm terrified my poopoo will burst out!

6/11/2010 11:32:34

Scot once told Ether and I what crop dusting was. What you're decribing is gamble gas. It's a gamble what's going to happen, so don't always bet a clean pair of undees on it. Everything has a name.


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