I had to get my physical done prior to heading up to NY.  They will not allow anyone to stay at the Olympic Training Center without a physical done....understandably so. So I was catching up with a male friend of mine and telling him a little about my camp coming up. He said he had a story to tell me about "physicals" 

He recently got married. He wore glasses as a fashion statement. Is there anything wrong with that? Nope, not one bit. He just met his wife and in a matter of two months from them meeting, they were man and wife. During these entire two months he wore his fashion statement glasses pretty much 24/7. 

On their honeymoon, he decided to leave them at home. His wife asked him if he was bringing his contacts instead....and of course he laughed thinking she was just making fun of him. She was serious tho and asked how he's supposed to see anything without his glasses. He laughed and then told her that they are non-prescription glasses and he just wore them cause he thought he was more attractive, after all, he did meet his now wife while wearing them. 

SHE WAS FURIOUS!!!!! She felt incredibly betrayed and couldnt believe he was living a lie. She said that on their wedding night the only reason she acted so sexy is because she was confortable with him not being able to see her naked. He just didnt understand why she was so worked up. He told me, "its not like we were required to get a physical and share it with our fiancee" 
Not my friend...just here for the sake of the story

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