Two weeks ago, Scottie and I set out on our second 18hr drive to Arizona. Scott's best friend Marc Foster was getting sealed in the Mesa Temple. Anywho - it was nice to get out and spend a four day weekend together but not so fun to drive all that way. We made that trip the beginning of January to get Bree and I was really hoping we would fly. But of course financially driving was the logical answer. 

Funny story: I peed six times in five hours. It was ridiculous but I couln't just stop drinking fluids. There was one of the stops I had to go sooooo bad. Scottie pulled over and I literally ran into the gas station. Turns out the manager was standing right in front of the restrooms and in his thick southern accent say, "I'm sorry ma'am, the power is out between here and 50 miles both ways. OF COURSE!!! just my luck. So we jumped back on the freeway and were driving down. I saw the sign for the next town was like 46 miles. I turned to Scott and said, "I can't wait that long my pee is coming!" He pulled off at the next exit and ran out and found a bush. At the time, since peeing was the only thing on my mind, I didn't realize what kind of a bush I was peeing by. I ended up with thorns in my foot (cause I was wearing flip flops) and scratches up my calves. Good Grief! I suppose this will be a story to tell our little one, how he/she made mommy have to pee so bad she squatted on a prickly bush. haha!

Anyways - some pics from the wedding ;) Enjoy!
ABOVE: Marc and Kelle had a photobooth at their reception
BELOW: After the reception we went to Dennys

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