First Run - you'll notice in the video we took it slow. Jaz only wanted to run about 3-5 steps than jump in, you'll see I ran it down a little bit more just to give us more speed going down.

Second Run - was smooth, we blasted like crazy with a Start time 6.21 seconds  and our end time was like 1:01 seconds which was the best all day as far as an end time

Third Run - was rough. Our start was in the 6.15 range but our end time was slower. Jaz says "I crushed you coming out of curve 14" which I felt but I just told her "you didn't cursh me, I'm still standing" lol.

Fourth Run - was good. Start time in the 5.90s which was SICK! (meaning super awesome) and end time was 1:02. Glad we ended on that note rather than the third run.

Tomorrow is my off day, but I'll still be up at the track "sled dogging it" as they say which means, helping move sleds, equipment, getting the sled on and off the trucks and ice, etc

10/18/2010 06:41

I could see the difference between the runs and what you mean by getting vertical. In the fourth run you stayed vertical the entire run. You look awesome. Do you feel the cold? I am so proud of you for going after this goal. You and the other women have already set yourselves apart from 90% of the world population just by getting out there and going after a dream and making it a reality. Thanks for being as role model.


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