We decided to spend our holiday indoors. Scott's favorite bowling alley was having a July 4th special. $15/person and you get unlimited bowling and laser tag from 9am-2pm, $5 arcade card and a meal (hotdog, chips and a drink). Well worth it! I bowled 5 games and Scottie bowled 9. Around noon the bowling alley decided to make a challenge: Every strike you get, they pay you $3 game card. I only won 1, but Scott got 11! 
After bowling we headed off to the arcade/game area. I really wanted to play laser tag, but it's prohibited if you're pregnant. Scott was nice enough to not play either just for me. (Aww!) However, I did want to jump in the photo booth and document the day!
Scott won this Pac-Man and he said he won it for Sloan. It is now in the nursery with her other stuffed animals. 

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