Gatorade has this cool beverage support. They have three different drinks that assist with working out. I have decided to incorporate it into my workout since I usually dont drink enough fluids as is anyways.....and I like trying new things.

First drink is the "Prime" - Its tastes like a sugar boost and they instruct you drink it 15 minutes before working out. (I drank my at breakfast)

Second drink is the "Perform" - its the regular drink that most people know

Third drink is the "Recover" - its like a mixture of both, a little thicker than the second but not as thick as the first.

Its cool and I feel refreshed and I did have more energy during my morning workout. This is a definate keeper! TRY IT!
Cheryl Tollestrup

Funny, I thought they were all the same! More like the old saying "If you've met one Gatorade, you've met them all!" Haha!


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