Scott has golfed for several years now and I've never had any interest in it whatsoever. My USATF Coach McLoud used to say its a "spoiled walk". Once Scottie and I hitched, he would invite me to come out golfing with him and his pals but I would always pass. (I was only interested in driving the golf carts and most courses you have to pay full price to bring another person - so not worth it just to drive a golf cart).

Now that we moved to Texas, Scottie lost his golfing buddies and his clubs were collecting dust. I decided that I would give it a try and see how it goes. Scott was sooooo excited he bought me beginners clubs and a glove
Friday night for our weekly "date nite"  we set out on our golfing adventure starting at the driving range just so I can introduce myself to my new clubs and figure out how to use them. Then Saturday morning we went to the course to hit 9 holes. I decided to make things interesting... Scott's clubs are more expensive than mine and I notice he put his in the back seat while mine had to go in the trunk. Not that it's a big deal, but I wanted to make a bet with him. Whoever wins gets to keep their clubs in the back seat, comfy and air conditioned. Loser sticks their clubs in the trunk. He confidently agreed. He also beat me. badly. I kept my head high cause I was learning...I lost 7 balls...but who's counting?
Scottie's "Golf Hair" opinion, he could use a hair cut
Next game! The night before, just for fun, I decided to watch Happy Gilmore. This would now officially make it my second time EVER playing a full 9 holes, using the proper clubs. Saturday came around and we set out yet again to the golf course with Scottie's clubs once again in the back seat and mine ping pong'n in the trunk.  
BUT THAT DIDNT MATTER!!! I had him beat from the first hole. I won that day by 12 strokes...mind you, I tee off from the women's tees (for right now) and he hits from the blues. But regardless! I WON!!! So I was so excited to stick my clubs in the back seat and watch Scottie place his precious clubs in the trunk. hehehe. Oh the taste of victory! Let's hope I can keep my back seat...

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