I'm bored with my hair. I wanna do something a little different - out of the ordinary. Scott says blue hair....I'm thinking more fire engine red or vibrant purple. Not sure if I want my entire hair that color or just streeks. Or possibly I can do just the bottom half one of those colors and the top just regular black. 

The other debate is what hairstyle. Since my actual hair has been permed, colored, flat ironed, etc so much - dying it again isnt smart. Last fall I put hot pink in my bangs and that about fried my hair off. So....I am either going to get a weave or braids. It's been awhile since I got braids. They are heavy tho and if I'm going to be training - I dont really need the extra weight. But with braids - I dont have to brush my hair everyday....thats a plus! A weave is lighter....more styling options. Oh decisions decisions!

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