Goes around comes around. I can take the heat, so if you got something to say, dish it up!

I tell people like it is. I'm a blunt person and if I feel a certain way, you will know. I hide things from you if I feel you dont need to know and if it doesnt relate to you, then back off cause it doesnt matter whether you knew or not!

I anticipate people attacking me physically and verbally as I have others. Not so much physically (for the record of course). Oh, and emotionally. People like to attack especially when they arent doing to well. they feel by making me feel worthless and that I'm a horrible person, will in return uplift their spirits. WRONG. Also, if you feel you need to do that - feel free because I will cut you out of my life faster than you can blink and I wont think twice.
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/1/2010 16:10:08

For peace sake, what is going on? Your father use to say "Don't let your self worth be dictated by what others say!" Jen your self worth comes from within and making choices that allows you to sleep with yourself at nights! Buck up under what ever pressure you are experiencing in your life! I don't know anyone tougher than you! Stand tall girl!

angie Schweitzer
6/1/2010 19:32:34

You know JB I agree with all your ma said in her comment. With that being said, we all go thru these times in our lives, and I always say that if at the end of the day I feel that I did the best that I could, and what I felt was right and good. and I do a "heart check", and I can sleep at night then I'm good! Hang in there gurl-Keep ur head up! :)


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