One of our homework assignments was to watch dances and see what our goals are. We aren't like dancing for any upcoming competitions or anything - perhaps in the future. I want to stick to the rumba right now....and when Scott comes home for lunch, I'll see what he is thinking.
Cheryl Tollestrup

This is Karina Smirnoff and her partner Slavik. She is a world class ballroom dancer and Pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars. She was not partnered with a celebrity this season but I'm quite sure she will be back next season! I like your homework! Maybe your teacher will make you watch the Dancing with the Stars Finale next week Monday and Tuesday!

Rebecca Mitchell

I think I liked this rumba better because it was more personal and they drew the audience into their dance. Where as the other couple showed off their dance moves and flaunted it into the audiences face! Being part of the audience I could not turn away and my mouth dropped to the floor none the less!


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