I am home in lovely Texas and actually enjoying my time in this nice warm weather while others are bundled under three layers of clothing. I do miss my bobsled girls - but I follow them pretty religiously so I'm updated. World Cup starts this week so super excited to see what the season brings for Team USA. If you ever get the opportunity to go up and watch any races you should clear your schedule and get up there!

Injury wise things are progressing along. Last month if you asked me I would of said I'm going crazy and I hate this.... but now I've come to grasp with the "your body needs to heal" concept. I know my leg will heal stronger by allowing it this time to repair. I just didn't think it was that bad. I suppose as an athlete MANY TIMES over the years you are faced with just working through the pain so thats what we do almost to where it's detrimental for us. Anywho - I made HUGE progress this week and sooooo excited! Go Me! 

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