I have decided to save my pennys for a pellet gun. When I go for my nice, peaceful jogs along the path behind our apartment....it's peaceful with the gorgeous flowers blooming, green all around and a nearby creek that follows the path.  However, some of you may recall the rabbit incident with Princess. How she about pulled out my arm. Since then, it seems like the rabbits have multiplied and Princess is GOING CRAZY!!! I have to put a harness on her just to keep her under control. So I need some serious animal control and I'm not gunna put my dog down....so good bye little rabbits.  (ps: I wouldnt REALLY shoot a rabbit....I' not that cruel)
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/5/2010 01:58:56

Why don't you just get a sling shot and some stones! If David a young lad could bring down Goliath a giant...surely you could at least maim a little bunny rabbit! Haha!


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