Remember those days when you would see a couple little girls out on the sidewalk selling cookies, brownies...some lemonade.... SO CUTE!

Well...what about nowadays??? Is it proper for adults to sit on the sidewalk in a cute little stand with lemonade, brownies, cookies, etc and SELL if just for the sake of it? Half of me says WHY NOT? And I'm talking about a NON-Fair setting, No kids around and NOT doing it for a cause other than a SELF-GAIN cause. But something about that just says its wrong. What do you think???
5/24/2010 20:02:26

I used to walk around handing fresh cut flowers to random people on the street, just for the joy of watching how they reacted. Some put money in my hands with out asking for an explanation, others suspected motives... I don't think I would be brave enough to man my own lemonade stand, though.

Cheryl Tollestrup
5/25/2010 16:48:15

I think the hard thing about having a lemonade stand as an adult is that you need to be licensed and approved by the Department of Health or they will shut you down and impose heavy fines like the hotdog vendors here in our neighborhood!


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