My whole life - I've lived in safe neighborhoods. I've never felt like we couldnt wear certain colors, or I can't go out once it gets dark.....never heard gun shots. Never been a problem. But last night for the first time, I purposely entered a neighborhood where such things happen.

I've taken a huge interest in being able to cornrow, micro, weave, sew my own hair. I've learned the basics but right now.....I'm not pleased with my level of expertise when it comes to hair. So I did a little research and there is a cute girl that lives in South Dallas that does it all at an amazingly discounted price. Once I got her address I realized WHERE she I asked Scott to come along.  We arrive and it doesnt look so bad. I meet the girl and she is super nice so I told Scott all is well. He didnt stay, instead he just went to look for a mall since it takes about 1-2 hours. She told me that the mall isnt the best mall....and this is the projects. Just the other day a girl was walking out to her car and was raped. She said it as if it's an everyday occurance. She said their housing complex isnt as bad, but just up the street is like the TRUE PROJECTS and a little south of where they are is the #1 racial profiling cops in the state of Texas. They will literally pull you over, make up some excuse just cause you are of color. 

About 15 minutes before I was done, I text Scott so he can head back and pick me up. It's a little past 7pm and getting dark. The car broke down. The car battery died and Scott was stranded WHO KNOWS WHERE! Luckily a couple stopped and helped him out. They were kind enough to take him to an Auto Zone fairly close and Scott bought a new battery. Then the Auto Zone guys brought him back to his car. Meanwhile, I was done....sitting outside. There were a couple guys that kept walking back and forth looking at me, but I just kept my head down and preteneded like I was playing on my phone. Why pretended??? Because my phone was dead so even if Scott wanted to contact me, he couldnt. Of course!!! On top of those guys - there was another guy that parked his car right in front of me licking his lips and just starring. I decided to get up and walk away PRAYING he wouldnt follow me. There were "uncomfortable environments" everywhere so I decided to just walk away from the housing complex and up towards the freeway. I sat on the curb. While sitting there, several men drove by....slowing down, honking, winking, waving....etc. It was SOOO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! So I just sat on my curb with my head down praying that Scott was able to fix the car since I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that the sun was going down and I was alone in the ghetto without money, transportation and a phone. 45 minutes later, Scott came around the corner and I was so relieved. I quickly hopped in the car and we swopped stories on the drive home.  

All went well with the hair, absolutely love her and will be going back again....ONLY daytime appointments and Scott will always be along for the ride. We did think it was interesting that he came along....if not, I would of been stranded by myself with a dead car, dead phone, etc. Oh Thank goodness he was there! 
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/15/2010 21:56:41

That was one scary story! Where is your pic? I want to see the new hair do that nearly cost you and Scott your lives! At the very least you would have looked really good for your funeral! Haha! Bad joke....


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