The weekend after my Father's fatal motorcycle accident I was to compete in a track meet in the heptathlon and like 3 other open events. My first event was the heptathlon which starts off with the 100m hurdles. I recall very vividly running that race. Growing up, my dad made it to 95% of my biggest track meets which meant so much to me. He would always sit near the top of the bleachers, directly above the finish line with his stopwatch in hand. Haha - I guess he didnt trust the electronic timers at the track meets so he has his own stopwatch! funny old man!

But this was the first meet that seat was empty.

It was the hardest 100 meters I had ever ran in my life and I just broke down into tears cause when I crossed that finish line - I looked up for my dad and he wasnt there.

Today at the track all those emotions came back. It was rough. Its been nearly two years since I've competed competitively and I dont have my daddy there with his stopwatch, believing in me more than I believe in myself. So now I do. I have the stopwatch and I have an amazing support group of family and close friends and I'm so blessed! Today was just a tough day and its not like I havent had one before nor will this be my last
Cheryl Tollestrup
7/14/2010 02:46:01

Since your father passed away, I believe he is everywhere! He is there at your training camp and try outs! Rely on your spiritual eyes...not your physical eyes and you will see your father has never left us!


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