I dont read as often as I should - its not very relaxing to me. However, one thing I did learn from my dad was visualization. He would read this "Body for Life" magazine and was extremely goal oriented. He would set "Body" goals by finding his goal body picture and cutting it out. Removing the goal body's head and replacing it with a picture of his head. Then he would tape this to his bathroom mirror so he would see his goal everyday.

Not only that - back in Saipan he coached a basketball team he called THE SAINTS. He never had starters, he would just review the previous game stats and those who stepped up would start. He told me of a situation of splitting the teams in half to practice free throws. First half shoots 10 free throws at the end of every practice. Second half visualizes shooting AND making all 10 free throws at the end of every practice. I think they did this for a week and then they gave everyone a chance to actually shoot 10 free throws. The result was the people who visualized made more free throws than the ones who actually shot them.

I am incorporating these ideas into my workouts. I have inspiration on my mirror such as "I am strong", "I am successful" and I saw them to myself first thing every morning. I also visualize my workouts. I visualize me running a certain time and jumping so far as well as weight lifting. I can tell you that this had made a huge difference. Also boost my confidence because when I begin my workout - these motions feel familiar to me.
Cheryl Tollestrup
6/11/2010 13:04:46

When you see or repeat positive words that is called affirmations! Affirmations and visualizations are very good techniques for achieving goals!


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