Week 23 is the first week of month six and that is exactly where we are! Very exciting to have completed another month. 

Yesterday we started the morning off with a Cloth Diaper 101 class offered by the Nappy Shoppe in Plano. You pay $15/couple and then upon completion of the class they give you $15 in store credit...so essentialy you are getting your money back. In the class we learned about every type of cloth diaper and got to have hands on practice with each kind. We were able to ask questions and different women shared their experience and what they do. Also learned about these flush-able liners - looks like dryer sheets. They are used once your baby starts eating solids and her poop is no longer water soluble, these layers just go in the diaper and make it easy to wrap up and flush away. Anyways - there was a ton of great stuff! It was nice to see that the stash my mom has made for us so far is soooo much cheaper than buying cloth diapers at a store/online. Diapers there were about $17-25 depending on the brand and style. 
- All in One
- All in 3
- Pocket
- Flip
- Prefold & Cover

I took inventory of my current stash and here is what I have so far that my mom has made.
- 16 Diapers total
XS: 6 Pocket diapers, 1 Wool cover
S: 2 Pocket diapers, 1 Wool cover
M: 1 diaper cover, 2 wool diaper covers and 1 pocket diaper
L: 1 All In One, 1 Pocket diaper

22 Liners
3 Prefolds
15 Cloth wipes

My goal over the next two months is to total the following:
18 XS 
18 S
12 M
12 L
40 Liners
24 Prefolds
40 Cloth wipes

So.... I'll be busy! ;) It was fun and nice to play around with all the different types of diapers. All the women suggest having a variety because they've found that different days, you want different things. Hate to have to buy one type and then you're stuck with it and out the money. Also was great to see Scottie get excited about cloth diapers. Afterwards he said, "This isn't bad at all, I can do this!" He is very excited and said his top favorites were the Pocket diapers and Prefold/Covers. Before, we were thinking that when we go out we'll use disposable diapers but this class taught us that we don't need to spend additional money. All in One diapers are the same, only difference is I'd have to wash them. So it's good to have those in our stash for on-the-go. So we've decided to go 100% Cloth diapers and 100% Cloth wipes!

Yesterday when we finally got home - I stuffed my diapers so they are ready to go!

*Below is a picture of the dolls we practiced on at the Nappy Shoppe. 
After our Cloth Diaper class - we went thrift shopping... guess we just can't help ourselves! I got two maternity shirts = $3.50 and all the baby stuff pictured below totaled = $11
Baby items include: bath attachment, black shoes, 1 prefold, 1 burpie, 2 liners, 1 changing table sheet and a soft tummy time pad/blanket. 

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