Mosiah got back from Scout Camp like 8 or 9pm. We agreed to sing the next morning in sacrament but have not been able to practice since he was gone all week. Regardless - I banked on him coming back in time and we could practice Saturday night and then sleep, PRAY and we would be ok.

We rehearsed a little this morning as well right before getting ready for church. As we got to church - we were still unsure of our ending because we've had to change a couple things to make it "church" appropriate. No sliding, No R&B fillers, etc. So during the first speaker we ran into the young women's room and sang mainly the ending thru a couple times - we felt good about it.

Outcome: turned out great. I felt the spirit so strong and its like once we got up there - I had no doubt that the song wouldnt come out. One of my favorite feelings in the world not to mention - this is Mosie's first time singing in a non-choral setting and he was super nervous. But I never noticed and his voice was so clear! ugh it was awesome.

Below I've included the actual version of the song - it's done by Adeaze, we sang it acapella

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