Officially we have moved yet again into another apartment. We used to live 10 mins away from Scott's work when we first moved here. It was a basic 1bed/1bath about 700sqft for $800/month. Last spring we moved across town (20 mins from Scott's work) into a 2bed/2bath about 1100sqft for $770/month. Now we live 5 mins away from his work in a 2bed/2bath about 1200sqft and love it. It's open, bright and doesn't have carpet throughout which is one of the selling points for me. The first complex had a laundry facility on site and the second had a washer and dryer included but this complex has neither. Downfall? Of course but Scott was able to score cheap washer and dryers off craigslist and I've already done two loads. I would say the house is about 70% unpacked - just have some things going in our storage closet on our balcony and then just the small things such as decorating, placing our pets (frog and beta), etc. Anywho - our floor plan is below! The only carpet is in the bedrooms. 

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