In the beginning I had a total of 19 pounds to lose. Now its even less but I'm starting to wonder....what is my secret? Kim Kardashian has one - So must I. I did an experiement that I'm sure is flaud in so many ways since I am representing both the controlled and not controlled subject. 

I' ve been dieting and have tried 4 different variables and have done each variable for the past 4 months. I documented within those 30 days HOW MUCH WEIGHT I'VE LOST in the beginning of that program. I know most of them take like 60-90 days, but I wanted to see if there was something I could do to speed up the process and see results in 30 days.

I've made a conclusion. May has been my most effective month and its just a little over halfway done. Imagine that ! So, whats my secret? Screw dieting, REincorporate sugar into my diet and eat whatever I want! I'm happy, have energy and best of all - losing weight!
Cheryl Tollestrup

There is no secret to losing weight! You take in less calories then you burn off! In fact, when you feel those temporary hunger pains, that means your body is turning to its stored energy for fuel. It takes less than 45 days to see results. The key is discipline and being willing to sacrifice today for future rewards! What price are you willing to pay for your goals within the guidelines of a good healthy eating and exercising program?

Rebecca Mitchell

I use the Nutri-System plan but substitute frozen Healthy Choice meals! It's working great- I lost 3 lbs in two weeks! I am always full and my energy level is always high! I get fiber 1 plus bars for a snack after supper! They taste great and they are only 90 calories!


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