Obviously with all the traveling I've been doing the last 4 months, its been near impossible to keep a job...or even get one that would give me that much time off at such short notice. Due to Bobsledding's limited funds, I need to provide most of my things so just like everything I do - I like to earn it. I've been super blessed in the opportunity to work for a company as a remote Data Entry girl. I worked in-house for about a week and then asked if this could be something I could do while I travel since I'm just entering scanned training documents into their database. I got the go-a-head and they set me up with a laptop that I get to take with me and continue to earn money. Hurray! Its funny though because while I was scanning I realized I dont know any "copy room" jargon. The usual comments were "hey, hows the scanning going?" and then I'd reply with a "its going great!" Every once in awhile I would get a joke out of someone that would say "Nice, making yourself at home in front of that Scanner" and I would joke back with a "Oh Yeah! We are best of pals! If you need anything faxed, scanned or copied - just let me know, I'm a pro!"

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