The announcement can be found at the US Bobsled website.

Sports Illustrated and USA Today also posted the naming of the National Team!!! How freaken awesome is that!!!

If you dont want to read the article and browse the athletes profiles - I've posted the pilots and brakeman for the 2010 National Team which will compete on the World Cup Circuit below.

WC Pilots: Erin Pac, Shauna Rohbock and Bree Schaaf

WC Brakeman: (top left to bottom right)
Valerie Fleming, Jamie Greubel, Emily Azevedo, Kristi Koplin, JennaBree Tollestrup-Brown and Katelyn Kelly

Why is there SIX when there are only FIVE WC spots??? Jamie is actually an America's Cup driver but will push one race for World Cup and then go back to America's Cup to drive. Then Katelyn Kelly will join World Cup for the second half to take her place. Lon

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