Today at the track Coach brought out the "timing eyes" which electronically clock how fast we are pushing the sled within the first like 50-60 meters. (which most of us are jumping in around 30 meters) Coach's son is like his assistant since he's grown up around this he knows everything. So I did my first one and found out I got a 6.26 seconds. I wanted to know what I should be at and he told me the lower sixes so like 6.50 and below. If you can break 6 seconds then you are good. If you break 5 seconds then you are pretty much the best athlete in the world. lol. So I was like....ok and kinda bumbed because just hitting below the mark isnt acceptable to me. I wanna get in the 5 second range - who cares if this is only my second time pushing the dang sled!

So I went again and I clocked a 6.01

****Bragging Moment: I was told that was really good because there is a girl that has been training with them for about a year now and she only runs a 6.40.
just a sign of Olympic Parkway
Cheryl Tollestrup
7/15/2010 18:50:21

Wowee! Who knew you were that fast pushing a bobsled!

Philip Aitken
7/15/2010 19:37:06

u are a freak of nature (2 thumbs up)


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